Thursday, November 20, 2008

i dont have a 24 hr walmart

so i haven't written anything in forever. i guess its because everything has been so good lately that ive been enjoying the fuck out of it.

im a horrible speller, and sometimes i catch myself making mistakes but its too late..i hate going back and correcting shit..

i got the job i wanted.
im in love with an amazing man.
my dog actually sits when i tell him to now
my hair is

i suck at little big pathetic..

my grandpa is back from my aunts my grandma is now here too..which means...i sleep in the couch..wonderful

the love of my life is leaving to Honduras for a week! omg! how will i survive with out him.. bearly..

ive found what i wanted and have always waitied for. i love him with all my heart and i know for a fact its forever. ive never felt this way for anyone else and i never will.

its a beautiful thing to love some one so much with all your heart and know they love you the same back if not more and they'd do anything for you. id do anything for him, to hear his voice, feel his skin and see him smile. i want to spend the rest of my life showing and telling him how much i love him and being so good to him, with him.

im in love

yea be jelouse.

dont hate cuz were young and in love


i hope everyone is doing great, single or in a relationship.
im sending out good loving vibes man..

LOVE denisse

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