Thursday, November 20, 2008

i dont have a 24 hr walmart

so i haven't written anything in forever. i guess its because everything has been so good lately that ive been enjoying the fuck out of it.

im a horrible speller, and sometimes i catch myself making mistakes but its too late..i hate going back and correcting shit..

i got the job i wanted.
im in love with an amazing man.
my dog actually sits when i tell him to now
my hair is

i suck at little big pathetic..

my grandpa is back from my aunts my grandma is now here too..which means...i sleep in the couch..wonderful

the love of my life is leaving to Honduras for a week! omg! how will i survive with out him.. bearly..

ive found what i wanted and have always waitied for. i love him with all my heart and i know for a fact its forever. ive never felt this way for anyone else and i never will.

its a beautiful thing to love some one so much with all your heart and know they love you the same back if not more and they'd do anything for you. id do anything for him, to hear his voice, feel his skin and see him smile. i want to spend the rest of my life showing and telling him how much i love him and being so good to him, with him.

im in love

yea be jelouse.

dont hate cuz were young and in love


i hope everyone is doing great, single or in a relationship.
im sending out good loving vibes man..

LOVE denisse

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

it kills!

have you ever wanted something so bad it hurt, or you felt as if you couldnt wait anymore.

i just dont know how much more waiting i can do. why cant i just have it now!

life again slapping me across the face


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


october has been so weird for me.

ive felt lost and sad and confused this whole month.

i lost my grandpa and that hurt me so bad. i still get sad when i think about it. ive never had anyone close to me pass. i miss my papi beto.

well my other grandpa is back yet again from mexico i swear he might as well live here. lol. hes so funny.

i cant help but feel bi polar. i cant help but think some thing is gonna go wrong with us. i know i trust him but i think i may just be a little scared too. maybe im looking for reasons not to. ive been so hurt in the past that i cant seem to let myself believe that someone wont hurt me..eventually. im too cynical i guess..maybe, cuz i dont hold on to baggage so it cant be that..
i really just dont wanna end up finding something out.
i dont get too sad over people but that would brake me. hes the only boy that i will ever cry over and i rather just not.
i regret my last txt, so now i have to prepare what im going to say when he wakes up and sees it. well if i never would have said something it would haunt me.

is there such a thing as being too understanding..some of my Friends would have blown up if they were in my shoes.
nah i just know theres nothing to worry about. i trust him he hasn't given me a reason not too. plus it would be hard to hide shit from me.

i need to get over this, i dont know why i feel as if im waiting for something to go wrong. nothings perfect something may, but im scared its one of those things where it cant be fixed wrong.

i need to stop being such a girl and realize that this guys is working his ass off and giving up alot to be with me, i feel kinda guilty sometimes.

not all guys are douches, they just dont think sometimes...

plain and simple.

yea whatever im such a sucker for him. hes such a softie when it comes to me.. :]

maybe im just feeling like im losing everything, losing my grandpa is hard so maybe im scared to lose someone else...

death is complicated.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

shorty is a 10

ok so i have a job interview on tuesday!
im pretty excited.
i need to leave my current hell hole of a job quick!
hopefully i get it, being broke doesnt fly with me..ok
car payments aint fun when you get your hrs cut

man if i get it ill be able to chill again and stop worrying about everything!
i really wanna go see cynthia in san diego since she moved there!

im excited about my drive up to san francisco with erich this weekend!!
aw man :]

yea things are looking good for now
im super positive but i gotta be realistic.

oh man i never watched those anime films.
ive been way to busy with family since my grandma came from mexico then left them my grandpa and people coming and driving to see other people. then the quinces.
i gotta make time tho..

summers are always hectic in my house everyone comes over..all the time.

my grandpa is leaving tomorrow. i dont want him to go. ima miss the little guy<3
i love him so much and i know ill see him soon but it breaks my heart to have to see him go.
ill see him soon. maybe for christmas. ill be counting the days

good night sweet dreams

Monday, September 1, 2008

i got it back

ok so i think im kinda falling for a boy.

its so strange to feel this. i haven't felt this in like a yr.

im so happy. i mean like all the fuckin time! i think about his ass all the mother fuckin time!
i cant help it. i wanna talk to him all the time!

jeez i got it bad..hehe..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i have really nothing to major to talk about.

same shit different day.

but not bad horrible shit. just life shit.

im happy, things are going smooth. ive regained faith.

its hard to put into word what i feel, i just know i feel different.

content in my own bad luck haha


Monday, July 28, 2008

oh man

is it just me or does it piss you off so see people so fuckin happy sometimes.

not that im some hateful bitter unhappy bitch

im really not

hateful or a bitch or bitter

maybe just good grief you know?

no but i chose this rut and here i lay.

happy in my own bizarre maybe so unhappiness.

witch isnt relay unhappiness

more like damn you all shakes fist but ends up laughing after i do so kinda thing

oh man.
i need a casper

you know the friendly ghost. to tell everything to and just take it for what it is because he doesnt really know better. cuz hes dead.

he was a good boy